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Some of our vintage items that don't easily fit into a specific category. Please call us on +44 (0) 1245 363764 or email us at sales@metroretro.co.uk with your requirements and we will be happy to help.


An angle and sheet steel frame with a hinged leaded Critall window lid. An adjustable stay can adjust the angle of the lid when open. There is no bottom, allowing the coldframe to be placed over plants directly in the ground. 93cm wide 49cm deep 48cm high (back) 29cm high (front)


A pressed steel frame hall light with mottled glass panels. Probably dating from the 1960s but in an Arts & Crafts style. Original brass lampholder with new cloth covered flex. To be wired directly into a ceiling rose.


This is a lovely handmade decorative item, probably made for a school or nursery. Made from 12mm ply and painted. Some losses to the paintwork in line with its age. 52cm wide 32cm high 12mm thick


Given the American terminology this is probably a prop of some sort, but equally could have found its way here from the U.S. Printed onto fibreboard with a ply back and timber trim. 92cm wide 17.5cm high 1.5cm thick


A continental wicker basket with handles and wooden runners. In good useable condition for its age. it has a slight twist that can be seen in the photos, not too noticeable when full. 70cm wide 46cm deep 29cm high


A wooden cased lightbox, originally a piece of test equipment used by opticians. The lightbox can be wall hung or sit on a flat surface. It has been re-wired and PAT tested. 36cm wide 15cm deep 23cm high


This EXIT sign can be wall mounted or sit on a flat surface. The case is polished steel with a perspex panel on the top face which gives out extra light above. The EXIT sign itself is perspex and can be slid out to change the bulb (standard bayonet fitting). The light has been re-wired and PAT tested. 43cm wide 19.5cm high 11.5cm deep


A wooden handle garage inspection lamp with its original wire cage, mounted onto a laboratory stand of similar age. The lamp has been re-wired with a cloth covered flex with an inline switch and PAT tested. stem 77cm high base 23cm x 15cm


A wall hanging dress mirror with fluted hardwood frame and original bevelled mirror glass. 136cm high 50cm wide


A set of rostrum steps with handrail, open at the top to the left hand side. Painted pine. (although the steps are strong and sturdy I can only sell steps and ladders as decorative items, any practical use is at the customers risk). 45cm wide 113cm deep 116cm high 71cm to top step

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