Recent commissions. Please see our Facebook page for more.

A 320cm x 90cm table made from salvaged French oak carriage board, used originally as flooring on freight wagons.

A robust cabinet for storing vinyl and hifi, angle steel frame, timber top and sides, ply shelves with timber front trim.

The brief here was a very slimline mobile counter with storage. All timber elements and the cast iron wheels are reclaimed, the only new material being the angle steel frame.

These tables were commissioned for a multi use event space. They can be configured to form a single large table or several hexagonal shaped tables. Additional steelwork slots into each table frame to raise to a bar height.

A bespoke frame was made to customer spec with the marble supplied by a specialist supplier

A commission from an office fit out company. The table was made to be dismantled for easy installation into the building. The table incorporates both salvaged and new timber.

A steel frame cupboard on wheels with plate steel infilled doors and sides, wooden drawers and a wooden plank top.Two double door cupboards and four drawers on full extension drawer runners.Made to a customer specification. Please enquire for pricing.

This example is 200cm high x 120cm wide x 40cm deep. These units can be made to custom specifications. E mail or call for details and pricing. Lead time is typically 4 weeks.

A 200cm x 60cm x 100cm three tier shelving unit on cast iron wheels. This example was commissioned for a retail setting. These can be made to bespoke sizes, e mail or call for further details.

A 360cm x 160cm work table for six people to share for the offices of record label XL Recordings. Tables of this size are assembled on site. Please call or e mail with any enquiries.

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