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Metroretro Ltd

A mix of antique, vintage and handmade furniture and home accessories for private, trade and commercial customers. Stock typically ranges from 19th Century right up to the 1980s with a focus on MidCentury and the Industrial/Institutional look. The handmade side of the business will always look to incorporate reclaimed materials wherever possible, everything is made to order so customers can ensure they get the right fit as well as the right look.

For examples of previous work, which can always be replicated or adapted, please visit the Commissions and Commercial pages.

Commissions, hire and sourcing as well as sales from current stock.

Please call Saxon on 01245 363 764 or email with any enquiry.

New Additions


A set of four 1950s wirework chairs, stackable. Rubber feet. Price is for the set.56cm wide 56cm deep 78.5cm high 35cm seat height


A floor standing three arm engineers light by Mek-Elek. The light is mounted onto a heavy plate steel base (removable for transport) which allows the arms to be fully extended thanks to its weight. The central stem swivels through 180 degrees, The light has been fitted with a new aged bronze switched bulbholder (bayonet fitting) and wired with period style cloth covered twisted cable.each arm 39cm139cm to top of stemshade 13cm dia45cm sq. base


A rare and substantial early 19th C Huffer. These were used in large country house kitchens to keep plates and food warm. The bottom half of the back of the cabinet would have been open and with the huffer wheeled in front of a range or fire the heat would have warmed the interior. The remaining back of this example has been filled but the original tin top section remains in place. The cabinet is made from steam bent pine with tin panels. The top and bottom are pine with the interior of the bottom lined with tin. There are two strap iron interior shelves and the cabinet sits on cast iron wheels that move the cabinet backwards and forwards (the wheels weren't made to swivel). The left door has bolts top and bottom and both doors shut with metal clicker catches.180cm wide 158cm high 53cm deep


A rare bamboo lounger with magazine/book basket. The angle of the back rest is adjustable, and the lounger can be easily moved around with the wheels on the back legs. The sprung area of the seat is covered in a lining fabric. The lounger is sold without cushions as these were not present when it was sourced.183cm long 55cm deep 72 deep inc. book basket 56cm high to top of arms


A tinplate rocking horse manufactured by Mobo mounted onto a steel stand. The horse has lovely timeworn original paint and there are traces of its makers transfer. MADE IN ENGLAND is stamped into the side. The horse easily unbolts from the stand for transport.97cm wide 27cm deep 122cm high base 25cm dia.


A 1950s illuminated EXIT sign. Black painted steel casing with a slide out front to reveal the bulbholder. Rewired with period style cloth covered cable and fitted with a plug. Standard bayonet bulb fitting. There are holes in the back face to allow for wall fitting if required.31cm wide 17cm high 12cm deep.

Previous and ongoing customers include: +44 (0) 1245 363 764
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+44 (0) 1245 363 764

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