A pair of pitch pine GPO stepladders with equal rungs with three salvaged pine shelves. Folds flat when not in use.Ladder when open

  • 127cm wide
  •  46cm deep
  •  192cm high
  • top 82cm x 29.5cm
  • middle 114cm x 33.5cm
  • bottom 143cm x 35.5cm


A polished steel four drawer filing cabinet with aluminium handles and label holders. The drawers are fitted with hangers for modern suspension files. The polished surface is finished with a clear acrylic lacquer. Please note, this cabinet is not lockable.

  • 47cm wide
  •  62cm deep
  • 132.5cm high


A scratch built carpenters tool chest made from planks of solid mahogany. Clearly made by the user, some parts having been salvaged from other trunks. Includes a lift out tray, again in solid mahogany. The trunk is painted black with the paint worn through mostly on the top.

  • 61cm wide
  • 35cm deep
  • 35cm high


A 19th C painted pine trunk with its original candle tray. Blacksmith made hinges and original brass escutcheon. The trunk has cabin trunk handles at each end and a name has been painted on the inside of the lid.

  • 101cm wide
  • 46cm deep
  • 42cm high


A classic French oak tambour front cabinet with all of its internal pull out trays. The lock works well and has its original key and escutcheon. The tambour front runs well.

  • 51cm wide
  • 40cm deep
  • 123cm high
  • tray internals 36cm x 28cm


A pine factory cupboard in its original paint finish, three removable internal shelves. Fitted with a new roller catch. Salvaged from an automotive workshop in Essex.

  • 46cm wide
  • 36cm deep
  • 143cm high


A neat and useful three drawer unit. Oak with a zinc top, brass drawer pulls and label holders. It was possibly made using a pattern from a DIY manual. The underside of one of the drawers has been signed by the maker and dated '1930'.Each drawer is 23cm wide x 15cm highOverall dimensions:

  • 31cm wide
  • 51cm deep
  • 72cm high


An unusual Roneo office cupboard. A curved profile polished steel body with plywood sliding doors. The top is in a brown composite material with black bakelite trim to each edge. The handles are brass and recessed into the doors. The interior of the cabinet is polished steel and features two height adjustable shelves. The polished steel has been finished in a clear lacquer to protect it from rusting.

  • 92cm wide
  • 26cm deep
  • 107cm high


A lovely set of four drawers for desk top filing. The body and drawer fronts are pine covered in a black textured rexine. The rest of the drawer bodies are stiff cardboard, all in good useable condition. The handles and label holders are brass and stamped with the Advance makers mark. One of the drawers contains a label showing the range of sizes available of these drawer units.The drawers are 35.5cm x 22.5cm x 4.5cm internally.The overall dimensions are:

  • 39cm wide
  • 25cm deep
  • 26cm high


A charming set of desk top engineers drawers, used to contain small component parts. The cabinet and drawers are pine and the paint finish is original. Each drawer has a brass ring type pull handle.

  • 20.5cm wide
  • 29.5cm deep
  • 29.5cm high

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