A charming handmade bank of 18 workshop drawers with two sizes of Bakelite handle. The drawers are a mix of painted and bare wood. The unit was clearly made by the person who used it. No complicated joinery here but plenty of character and charm.

  • 98cm wide
  • 32cm deep
  • 122cm to top of galleried back panel
  • 104cm to the top of the drawers


steel cupboards in a red oxide paint finish, originally used by the Czech army, currently four available.Price is per cupboard

  • 78cm high
  • 40cm wide
  • 36cm deep


polished steel modular shelves with wooden plinth and top. Each shelf has a 6cm lip with a chalkboard panel.

  • 80cm high
  • 92cm wide
  • 31cm deep.
  • 22.5cm internal height between shelves


Very cute drawer units with original brass handles and paint finish, each drawer is divided into four internally.Makers mark on top of each. Price is per set.

  • 21cm wide
  • 21cm high
  • 16cm deep


1930s steel desk top drawers with original brass handles and black paint finish.

  • 39cm wide
  • 25cm deep
  • 34cm high


A two door oak school cupboard of exceptional quality. Every panel is solid oak, even the back! Each door has ten circular vent holes and closes on a roller catch. The top shelf is fixed with hooks underneath and a front to back rail in the centre. Three further beech veneer shelves have been added which are removable.

  • 180cm high
  • 96cm wide
  • 42.5cm deep
  • internal depth 38cm


A very unusual French metal washstand with two cupboards and one drawer, towel rails to each side and an enamel bowl under the lift up lid. There was originally a mirror in the lid and one can be provided as part of the sale. There was no paint on this cabinet when it was bought so we have burnished it reveal its mild steel gun metal finish and then lacquered it internally and externally. The dark spot on the green enamel bowl is a riveted repair.

  • 45cm wide
  • 36cm deep
  • 93cm high


An unusual size of locker, having three doors rather than the usual four. polished and lacquered with its original steel label holders. Each door has a cast aluminium handle and has been fitted with a new lock, supplied with two keys.

  • 38cm wide
  • 38cm deep
  • 122cm high
  • each door 37.5cm high x 33cm wide


A tambour front cupboard of large proportions, originally from a bakery. a mix of pine and beech with ply infills on the side and back panels. The cupboard comes with three adjustable shelves and is on its original wheels.

  • 165cm high
  • 57cm deep
  • 85cm wide
  • 77cm internal height
  • 46cm internal depth


A polished tin trunk with side handles, centre brass lock and two iron side clasps.

  • 71cm wide
  • 39cm deep
  • 23cm high

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