Recent commercial projects. Please see our Facebook page for more.

A 360cm x 160cm work table for six people to share for the offices of record label XL Recordings. Tables of this size are assembled on site. Please call or e mail with any enquiries.

This table has been made to match one made last year for an independent London coffee shop. The A frame is made from salvaged 4" x 2" joists, the top is made from scaffold boards. Please e mail or call with any enquiries.

Handmade meeting room tables, made for Marriott Hotels. These tables will be fitted with cable access grommets. Tables can be made to any size within reason! Call or e mail for all enquiries.

A painted steel waiter station, made to the interior architects specification. The photo shows the day of delivery, prior to the unit being fitted with till equipment, lighting and graffiti. Huckster is an independent restaurant in Paddington basin, its interior design influenced by 1980s Manhattan.

A four tier unit consisting of a handmade steel frame on wheels and four vintage wooden apple boxes. E mail or call for further details.

Metroretro has supplied a mix of bespoke handmade furniture and original vintage pieces for this large London office space. Meeting room tables, staff break out area furniture and decorative props are dotted around the three storey building.

These rails were commissioned across four branches for a lifestyle brand. They feature wooden plank shelves to the base and top, stub rails at each end, and an extra square section rail to allow for 'waterfall' hanging brackets to be fitted at 90 degrees to the main rail as and when needed. These were also supplied, chemically treated to match the mild steel used for the frames.

Some of our smaller props along with a high sided industrial cart, Ralph Lauren window.

Here is an example of a complete fit out of loose furniture, consisting of dining table, benches, bar tables, high stools and counters. All made to size spec.Please e mail or call to discuss your project, our prices are competitive and we deliver on time.

This shelving unit spanned 8.4 metres. The ladders were made in the workshop and the shelves were made in sections with the joins hidden behind the ladder uprights to give the impression of a single plank. At each end the shelves were supported by brackets mounted to the wall.

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