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Some of our vintage items that don't easily fit into a specific category. Please call us on +44 (0) 1245 363764 or email us at sales@metroretro.co.uk with your requirements and we will be happy to help.


A superb and complete cartridge case, dating to the 1920s or possibly earlier. The lid is monogrammed E.C. GEDGE . The construction is canvas over timber with leather trim, straps and handle and brass lock and corner protectors. The interior is lined with oil cloth, there are four removable dividers and five leather straps designed to remove the cartridges. The makers label is missing unfortunately but the quality is similar to makers such as Purdy or Holland & Holland.

  • 41cm wide
  • 19cm high
  • 24cm deep


This lovely pair of flasks have their original leather cases, well used but intact. The cup lids are nickel plated and lined in cream bakelite. The stoppers are both present but the rubber seal on one is missing and the other has hardened over time, making these more decorative than functional. Also, there is a slight dent to one of the cup lids which can be seen in the photos. On the top of each lid is engraved AHS AUTO THERM. Price is for the pair.

  • 8cm dia
  • 26cm high


A 1950s German school poster showing the anatomy of the lobster (or is it a Crayfish?!). In excellent original condition. As is typical with these posters they are thick paper with timber poles at the top and bottom, designed to be rolled up when not in use. Can by hung from a single picture hook.

  • 111cm high
  • 84cm wide


A pair of low hardwood columns which can be used either way up. There are traces of a former white paint finish on both columns. The origin of these is unknown, having come into stock as part of a large quantity of props. They are very well made with some age to them. Fantastic as side tables. Price is for the pair

  • 30cm x 30cm
  • 49.5cm high


A sturdy six step pine ladder with leaning board, salvaged from an automotive workshop in Essex. Lightly sanded and sealed with a low sheen water based lacquer. The ladder has some paint flecks of various colours embedded into the steps, so it has been used for decorating at some point in its life.

  • 175cm high
  • 48cm wide at base
  •  52cm wide leaning board
  • 9cm tread depth
(Please note: ladders sold on this website are for decorative use only, any practical use is at the risk of the customer)


A classic American 1930s era suitcase, made by Oshkosh Trunks Inc. of Wisconsin. Fibreboard with leather edging and handle and brass locks. The interior is a silk style fabric, the elastic in the pockets unusually still has plenty of spring in it.The word 'PICTURES' can be seen faintly on the lower right section of the top of the case, menaing it has been involved in a house move at some point in its life. This doesn't detract from the overall look but is reflected in the price.

  • 62cm wide
  • 37cm deep
  • 19cm high


A female stockman type mannequin, stiffened cardboard form covered in linen. On steel base. The linen is grubby in a good way, probably through years of attic storage. This mannequin will spin on its stand.

  • 155cm high
  • 44cm leg to leg


A striped fibreboard suitcase with leather covered handle and edge trim. Original Cunard labels from a sailing in 1960s between New York City and Southampton. Very clean cloth lined interior.

  • 61cm wide
  • 39cm deep
  • 20cm high


A pair of round top wooden pub skittles with metal collars at the base to add weight. Great decorative pieces with good patina. Price is for the pair.

  •  36cm high
  • 10cm dia. (widest point)


A lovely striped canvas covered fibreboard case with a leather covered handle, steel deco style locks and original pink paper lining.

  • 67cm wide
  • 39cm deep
  • 17cm high

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