single door vitrine with adjustable glass on brass brackets shelves, blue velvet padded base.

  • 61cm wide
  • 62cm deep
  • 200cm high


A dark grey painted six drawer chest with pine knob handles, original solid plank back.

  • 83cm wide
  • 54cm deep
  • 115cm high


A small trunk in original red oxide paint finish, possibly originally for storing tea leaves, all original. We've just waxed the exterior to bring up the patina.

  • 44.5cm wide
  • 29cm deep
  • 29.5cm high


A very cute pine trunk with great patina, with its original blacksmith made hinges. We've just waxed over the top of this trunk rather than disturb the original weathered finish.

  • 48cm wide
  • 33cm deep
  • 25cm high


A floorstanding wine cellar rack to house up to 100 bottles, can easily be attached to a wall, most of the paint has worn off and we have sealed the iron with a low sheen lacquer.

  • 103cm wide
  • 29cm deep
  • 112cm high


We have made this storage unit using salvaged mahogany drawers and shelves from a linen press. The frame is handmade in steel and a piece of salvaged mahogany has been used for the inset top.

  • 58cm wide
  • 48cm deep
  • 114cm high


We have made this storage unit using salvaged linen press drawers and trays which are housed in a handmade steel frame. The inset top is made from salvaged mahogany to match.

  • 67cm wide
  • 51cm deep
  • 146.5cm high


Originally from a shop or workshop this small drawer unit would have been used to store finished jewellery or component parts waiting to be assembled. Each drawer is felt lined and has its original metal pull handle.

  • 31cm wide
  • 18cm deep
  • 17cm high
  • drawer internals 26.5cm x 14.5cm x 4cm


A superb quality two door demi lune drinks cabinet. The hardwood doors have fluted fronts and can be locked independently. The interior is lined in a birch veneer and there are four adjustable shelves. The top is solid granite. Supplied with keys.

  • 113cm high
  • 89cm wide
  • 46cm deep


A French Canadian Coke cooler 'Buvez Coca Cola'. Original paintwork. Functioning catches at each end which each incorporate a bottle opener. There is a drain tap at one end which is missing its plug but we should be able to supply something to seal it if it is to be used. The lining is plastic and there is some damage to the lining in the lid, although the insulation is intact so this shouldn't effect its function.

  • 51cm wide
  • 33cm deep
  • 37cm high +44 (0) 1245 363 764
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