Recent commissions. Please see our Facebook page for more.

This table was specified for retail display and was made from a shallow lead trough with a frame made from salvaged mixed hardwoods

This table was commissioned for retail display use. The top is made from the wheel of a 1930s malt trolley, used on the brewing industry. The drum core and base were made from salvaged timber with an aged zinc trim

This trolley rail was commissioned based on our standard rail but with a nod to the classic flat bed factory trolley. The wheels were salvaged from steel bins originally from a Sheffield tool factory, all the timber used is reclaimed.

A compact dining room table finished in a medium oak. All our tables are made to order so exact sizes can be specified for challenging spaces. Please see the Horace Range page for further examples and pricing.

A Horace table in situ. This example has a dark oak finish, the bench is slightly undersized to fit neatly under the table when not in use. Please see the Horace range page for further examples and pricing.

shelving commissioned for alcoves in an Edwardian living room. Internal heights were specified to incorporate a flat screen TV on a wall bracket as well as a record deck and vinyl collection. The bottom three shelves on this latter unit were deeper than the top four which corresponded with the depth of the left hand unit. Interior design by

two sets of steel and timber wall mounted shelving frames feature a mix of flat, angle and round bar steel, the timber shelves are infilled flush to the tops of the angle surrounds.

A workbench style high table commissioned for a hallway. We can produce these to different sizes, in natural or painted finishes, please enquire for pricing.

These units were commissioned for Daylesford Organic. Originally wooden 'bins' for shoe lasts, they were originally from one of the Northampton factories. We added the timber uprights to form a single unit and add some space between each rack. An aged zinc top trimmed with matching timber was added to give a flat surface making the unit also suitable for stacking stock. We can reproduce these bins to different sizes and specs. Those shown were 240cm wide.

This bench with high hooks was commissioned for the entrance of a restaurant. Construction is a box section frame with inset timber and cast iron hooks. +44 (0) 1245 363 764
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