Recent commissions. Please see our Facebook page for more.

Here is an example of something literally rescued from the scrap! This broken trolley fitted the bill for a shop fit job that required a market style barrow. With some cutting and welding we were able to deliver a more authentic product having retained the rustic iron wheels with their original radial tyres. Turned hardwood handles were also added to complete the look.

25mm angle steel frames with salvaged mahogany seats and backs.

A substantial display rack incorporating flat shelves and reclaimed angled shallow produce crates. The flat shelves have galleried sides and backs to prevent product from falling off, Please e mail or call for pricing

This steel mechandising cart was made to spec for a large garden centre retail outlet. The steel is finished in red oxide and the wooden tray base has been painted and aged. please e mail or call for pricing

This trolley was specified for a café we had furnished. The client needed a sturdy unit to house serving trays that fitted in with the existing scheme we had provided. Construction was a mix of angle and box section steel with a slatted timber base. The wheels have foot operated brakes and have been aged to match the mild steel. e mail or call for pricing

This unit was specified as part of an order for a large open plan office. The shelving throughout was made using 20mm mild steel box section to give the frames a slim profile. e mail or call for pricing

We made this steel easel on wheels for a customer to use as a TV stand, based on those previously made for a clothing retailer.

A large cupboard with shelves on wheels, commissioned for an office building. Plate steel base units with key clamp uprights and scaffold board shelves

This 150cm square high table was commissioned for an office fit out. The undersize frame allows users to stand or sit at the table and an opening was specified for a data socket unit to be fitted.

These hand mirrors were commissioned for a restaurant wall and were made from a single sheet of salvaged mahogany cut out into three different frame shapes. The three shapes were then treated with different finishes to add variety. The mirrors are all old unused stock of original mirror glass which were bonded onto the frames.

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