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Prop Hire Furniture

An original 1970s Rayleigh Chopper silver with orange decals, original tyres.

tall but lightweight columns showing weathered finish and various layers of paint

  • 30cm dia.
  • 270cm high

  • base 30cm x 30cm
  • height 50cm high

A white curved edge fridge c. 1960. All original and complete, working order.

  • 76cm wide
  • 68cm deep
  • 178cm high

polished steel spotlight with wired safety glass front, on height adjustable wooden tripod base

polished aluminium height adjustable Mole Richardson spotlight, standard bayonet fitting, re-wired with cloth covered flex. base 82cm x 82cm height in main image 166cm  

A rare polished steel and glass slope top museum display cabinet, lockable, lid can be fixed in open position using the brass stays at each end.

  • 197cm wide
  • 47cm deep
  • 98cm high (front)
  • 108cm high (back)
  • internal area 193cm wide x 41cm deep
  • internal height 15cm (front) - 25cm (back)

An unusual polished steel bureau, probably from a ship.

  • 80cm wide
  • 44cm deep
  • 98cm high
  • writing surface 78cm high

double sided school blackboard with two boards that can be raised and lowered

  • base 69cm wide x 38cm deep
  • 156cm high
  • each board 48cm wide x 59cm high

height adjustable eye testing machine, all original and complete

  • base 60cm x 60cm
  • height in photo 155cm

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