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Prop Hire Furniture

Set of four PEL chairs with original slatted oak seats and backrests

  • 45cm wide
  • 51cm deep
  • 84cm high
  • 44cm seat height

set of four PEL chairs, polished steel frames with thick hide seats and backs

  • 45cm wide
  • 54cm deep
  • 85cm high
  • 43cm seat height

female mannequin on steel plate base, moveable arms and waist

four female and one male vintage stockman type mannequins.

Painted wooden star with programmable white LED lights

  • 175cm wide
  • 164cm high
  • 7cm deep

plywood numbers with steel edging, white programmable rope light to all interior edges. Does not dismantle.

  • 254cm wide
  • 200cm high
  • 11cm deep

distressed painted steel arrow with bulbholders - currently fitted with small red golfball bulbs

  • 250cm high
  • 59cm wide
  • 18cm deep

weathered painted steel with screw fit bulb holders - currently fitted with red golfball type bulbs

  • 165cm wide
  • 222cm high
  • 22cm deep

1950s gent bicycle, original paintwork and decals, Brooks saddle.

An original 1970s Rayleigh Chopper silver with orange decals, original tyres.

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