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Everything Else


A roll up school anatomy poster from Germany depicting muscle structure, a couple of old repairs at the top and priced accordingly.

  • 154cm high
  • 70cm wide


Be the envy of your colleagues with this stylish vintage tin lunchbox!

  • 26cm wide
  • 12.5cm deep
  • 17cm high


A polished steel Strand Electric spotlight on heavy steel height adjustable stand. The lamp has its original lens and internally has been fitted with a domestic bayonet bulbholder. It is wired with period style brown cloth covered flex and is operated by an inline footswitch.

  • base 60cm x 60cm
  • height in photo 167cm
  • lamp 34cm w x 38cm h x 39cm d
  • lens 25cm dia.


One left! each case has been lined at some point with padded black cloth. price is per case

  • 51cm wide
  • 35cm deep
  • 20cm high


An original bus blind, unmounted

  • 106cm wide
  • 182cm high


An original bus blind, unmounted.

  • 106cm wide
  • 199cm high


wall mounted mirror made from a salvaged stepladder back stand, hangs from picture cord (supplied)

  • 46cm wide (bottom)
  • 29cm wide (top)
  • 136cm high
  • mirror area 32.5cm bottom 21.5cm top x 95cm high


floor standing mirror made from a salvaged stepladder back stand, matching pair available, price is per mirror

  • 50cm wide (base)
  • 33cm wide (top)
  • 155cm high
  • mirror area 33.5cm bottom 22cm top x 107.5cm high


large floor standing mirror made from a salvaged stepladder back stand

  • 52cm wide (base)
  • 33cm wide (top)
  • 190cm high
  • mirror area 35cm bottom 21cm top x 132cm high


matching pair of gate finials, decorative wrought iron in original black paint finish with painted central shields, price is for the pair but they can be sold separately.

  • 154cm wide
  • 144cm high
  • shield 47cm high x 37cm wide